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Passetiello path

The “Passetiello” is a path that runs along the Monte Solaro, leaving near the square Due Golfi, at the end of Via Roma in Capri.
The way climbs to immerse oneself in the Mediterranean maquis and to join the territory of Anacapri, in the valley Cetrella.
After a rock staircase, the panorama is on the Faraglioni and Marina Piccola.
The path joins the hermitage of Cetrella.
From here you can take a path to Anacapri, or climb to the top of Monte Solaro, from where you can descend to Anacapri by chairlift, or by a path.

Le Passetiello

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Le Passetiello 40.550219, 14.233280 Le Passetielo

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