Churches, religious buildings :

Villas :

Ancient places :

  • Ancient Villa Jovis (north-east of the island)
  • Villa imperiale Romana di Damecuta (north-west of the island)

Highlight : Faro Punta Carena (south-west) …

Towers : Torre Damecuta (north-west) …

Ruins of the castle


Natural sites

Monte Solaro : Access by chairlift, or by road (scooter, taxi), or by foot (approx 2h A / R) from Anacapri.

Grotta Azzurra (Blue cave) : visit by boat under good maritime conditions and weather conditions.

Carte de Capri

Carte de Capri

Trails and excursions

Read Trails and excursions in Capri

  • Trail of the towers (1)
  • Belvedere Migliera (2)
  • Monte Solaro (3)
  • Trail Certosa San Giacomo – Marina Piccola (4)
  • Belvedere di Tragara (5)
  • Trail belvedere di Tagara, Pizzolungo – Matermania et Arco Naturale (6)
  • Monte Tiberio (7)