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The hill of Vomero has seen the construction of Castel Sant’Elmo built on the site of a former Angevin medieval watchtower.

The superb view over the city, the Bay of Naples and the Vesuvius, which can be enjoyed from the terrace of the castle, is worth the trip.

The area is easily reached by the funicular or metro from various places in the lower city: Piazza Dante, Piazza Municipio and Chiai.

Castel Sant ‘Elmo in Naples

Castel Sant ‘Elmo in Naples
In Norman times, a watchtower called "Belforte" was built on Sant Elmo hill. Under the Angevins, the first villas and palaces were built on the hill. In 1325, Charles, Duke of Calabria, son of King Robert, founded the Charterhouse of St. Martin (Certosa de S. Martino). In 1329 the same Charles began the construction of the Castle Sant 'Elmo, contiguous to the Charterhouse, to the the same place where the watchtower stood.