Piazza Bellini a Napoli

Place Bellini, vestiges des murs de Neapolis

Piazza Bellini is located on the decumanus maximus, one of the main roads that crosses Naples, and one of the busiest in the city.
It is located at the intersection of three main streets of the historic center: Via Port’Alba, Via San Sebastiano (known for its musical instrument dealers) and Via Constantinople (leading to the National Archaeological Museum).

The square, with a rectangular shape, has always been one of the most important intellectual’ sites in the city, surrounded by several universities and close to the Academy of Fine Arts and the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella. In this last one, have studied important composers including Vincenzo Bellini in whose honor was erected a statue in the center of the square.
There are also 16th and 17th century palaces, Renaissance and Baroque Neapolitan brands, such as the Castriota Skanderbeg Palace and the Firrao Palace.

The south side overlooking the complex of St. Anthony of the Sisters of Port’Alba, now houses the library of the faculty of “Philosophy and Letters”, while on the opposite side is the church of Santa Maria della Mercede and that one of Sant Alfonso Maria de Liguori.

On the square, there are remains of the walls of the Greek Neapolis.

Piazza Bellini

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Piazza Bellini 40.850486, 14.251614 Place Bellini, vestiges des murs de Neapolis