Zeppolts of Joseph

Ingredients : 200 gr of sugar, 400 gr of flour, 12 eggs, 250 gr of butter, 3 egg whites, 250 gr of marmalade, vanilla, milk, icing sugar.

In 1/2 liter of water cook butter and salt. Wait for the boil, turn off the heat and pour the flour very slowly, mixing to avoid sticking to the pot.
Once cooled, add 3 egg whites and 9 egg yolks. With a pastry syringe, make savarins pierced in the center. Fry in oil. After cooking, remove all the oil with paper towels. Serve with icing sugar and garnish with the cream made with milk (1/2 liter), sugar, 3 egg yolks and vanilla. At the end, add to the cream a teaspoon of marmalade (amarena if possible).



Ingredients : 100 gr. of cocoa, 450 gr. of sugar, 2 spoons of flour, starch, 250 ml of milk, 2 vanilla pods, cinnamon, butter, 50gr. of lemon juice, lemon peel.

Mix in a container the cocoa, the sugar, the flour, the milk, a spoon of starch, a cinnamon, a vanilla pod, a small piece of butter.
Cook until boiling. Remove from heat and add another vanilla bean and lemon juice.
Served from the cold together to chatter.
The original recipe provided for the use of pig blood (whose name) that cuoceva together with latte, I sugar, flour, cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla and lemon peel.