Neapolitan Fusilli

Ingredients : 400gr. of fusilli, 50gr. of butter, 250gr. mozzarella, 250gr. of tomatoes, 100gr. black olives. Parmesan, oregano.

Cook the fusilli al-dente, no more. Remove them, season with parmesan, butter and about half of the tomatoes cut into squares.
Spread butter in the bottom of a dish and put half the fusilli. Sprinkle cubed mozzarella and cover with remaining fusilli.
Pour the tomatoes, parmesan, black olives cut into small pieces, and oregano. Bake for about 20 minutes.


Vesuvian vermicelli

600gr. vermicelli, 150gr. green olives, 1kg. of tomatoes, 50gr. capers, olive oil, chilli, parsley.

Immerse chopped garlic in olive oil, add the tomatoes and cook for half an hour. Add the capers, olives and chilli. Cook another half an hour.
Serve with vermicelli al-dente, add parsley.