rues de naples, circulation, traficFor tourists coming from cold countries, the first reaction is to describe the traffic in Naples as “great anything”.
I think it’s the same reaction anyone would ever have seen a drawing in front of a Picasso canvas.

The rules are only slightly adapted:

1 – After the scooter, the car has priority over the roads and sidewalks.
2 – The rules of the road can be summed up in one rule: avoid the other vehicle following the flow.
Other rules such as lights or stops are optional and should not interfere with the previous rule.
3 – Do nothing that can disrupt traffic like stopping at a useless red light especially if someone is behind you.
However, the stop at the lights on the major intersections is respected. Like what, everything is thought 🙂

It should be noted that, as elsewhere in Italy and other civilized countries, the horn is not considered as an act of aggression.
It is even frequently used for other purposes, like to say hello by crossing a knowledge or passing in front of the bar of his friends.
In alleys, it is used for scooters to prevent pedestrians from standing or not crossing an intersection.
In brief, stick to the nearest wall for shelter.