Capri, FaraglioniThe Faraglioni of Capri are rocky peaks that emerge from the sea, southeast of the island. They are emblematic of the island, present on many postcards. Each is named distinctly; the first, attached to the coast is the Faraglione di Terra, 109 meters high; the second, Faraglione di Mezzo, is 81 meters high and crossed by an archway that can be passed by boat; the third is the Faraglione di Fuori, 104 meters high. The last rock is the only habitat of the lucertola azzurra, blue lizard symbol of the island. Away, is also a fourth rock, lower, the Scoglio del Monacone. Its name comes from the past presence of monk seals.

The best way to admire the Faraglioni is surely from the sea, perhaps during a tour of the island, or from Marina Piccola. The boat usually goes under the arch of the second rock.
There are also beautiful views of the Faraglioni from the gardens of Augustus and Tragara Belvedere.
It is possible to swim at the foot of Faraglioni, two bathing establishments are in front (Fontelina and Luigi). To get there, you have to either go down the path from Tragara belvedere, or take a boat from Marina Piccola.


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Faraglioni 40.541498, 14.253033 Les Faraglioni