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    Beaches of Capri

    Where to swim in Capri between private beaches and public beaches?
    We do not come to Capri for its large sandy beaches, there is none. The beaches are rare and small, often made of rocks or pebbles. They are often small coves, but where the clear blue water invites to dive from the rocks.
    Although there are public beaches, most are private. Access to a lounge chair is around 25 €.

    Plages de Capri

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    Plage de Marina Grande: 40.557001, 14.236988
    Plage de Palazzo a Mare: 40.559339, 14.228515
    Plage de Grotta Azzurra: 40.561056, 14.203774
    Plages de Faro di Punta Carena: 40.537095, 14.198411
    Plages de Marina Piccola: 40.545101, 14.234781
    Plages des Faraglioni: 40.543253, 14.252634
    Plage de Torre Saracena: 40.545675, 14.238576

    Marina Grande beach

    In Marina Grande is the largest beach on the island just west of the port. It is made of pebbles and is easily accessible. The free beach is at the end, at the level of the cliff. From there, boats lead to Palazzo a Mare, a beach further to the west.

    Bagni di Tiberio (Palazzo a Mare)

    The pebble beach of Palazzo a Mare can be reached by foot or by boat from Marina Grande. A portion is free to access. There are also various establishments including a restaurant.

    Blue grotto (grotta azzurra)

    Near the blue grotto, there are rocks from which it is possible to access the sea. An area is free of access.

    Beaches of Punta Carena

    Near the Punta Carena lighthouse, in Anacapri commune, one can access the sea from rocks. An area is free to access. As it is at west of the island, one can enjoy the sun until sunset.

    Beaches of Marina Piccola

    In Marina Piccola, near the Faraglioni, there are several easily accessible pebble beaches. On either side of the rock Scoglio delle Sirene, are the public beaches.
    Further east is the small beach of Torre Saracena in a private creek.

    Beaches of Faraglioni

    Faraglioni beach can be reached down the trail that passes through the Punta Tragara belvedere, or by boat from Marina Piccola. There are two private beaches. There are mostly rocks. Located in the east, the end of the afternoon is in the shade.

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