capri, belvedere di tragara

Belvedere di tragara

The path Tragara – Pizzolungo – Arco Naturale can be traveled in part or in full by making a loop (in one direction or the other), starting for example from the center of Capri.
It is a good opportunity to discover the beauties of the island, just a few steps from the center of the city of Capri.


Take Via Tragara on the left at the end of Via Camarelle (the street with luxury shops). This picturesque street passes the gardens of villas and beautiful hotels, to reach within less than 500 meters the belvedere of Tragara. This one offers a spectacular view of Marina Piccola on one side and the Faraglioni on the other.
Continuing Via Tragara along the coast to the east we join the path of Pizzolungo. The path dominates the Faraglioni and then goes north, passing near Punta Masullo where the astonishing Villa Malaparte is built.
Further The path joins a staircase that leads to the Cave of Matermania (which in antiquity was dedicated to Mithra). Continuing, the trail enters the lands and joins a crossing that leads to the Arco Naturale on the right (Via Arco Naturale). One can do this hook to see this curious rock formation with an arc shape, height of 20 meters approximately. From here, the view leads to the Sorrento Peninsula.
Returning on our steps, one joins the main path, then the Via Matermania which leads to the center of Capri.