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    Monte Solaro

    Monte Solaro

    Le Monte Solaro, entre 1890 et 1900

    Monte Solaro is the highest peak of the island of Capri with its 589 meters. It enjoys spectacular views of the island, the Gulf of Naples and Salerno, the Amalfi Coast and the island of Ischia. One can also observe the great variety of flora that grows on its slopes.
    There are several ways to reach the summit. From Anacapri, you can take the chairlift (€ 11 round trip, € 8 one way). You can also walk from the city of Capri, taking the path called Passetiello, or from Anacapri, nearer, by the path from viale Axel Munthe (about 1h30 to climb) .

    When you reach the summit, you can also visit the Eremo di Santa Maria a Cetrella church in the area. On the north-east slope of the mountain are the ruins of Castello Barbarossa Castle, which has become an ornithological station.


    How to reach Monte Solaro

    • By chairlift from Anacapri, Piazza Vittoria. Duration: 12 minutes. 11 € round trip, 8 € one way, free up to 7 years.
      From March to October: 9:30 – 17:30
      From November to February: 10:30 – 15:00
    • By foot from Anacapri, starting from Viale Axel Munthe. Duration: approximately 1h30.
    • By foot from Capri, by the path named passetiello.
    Monte Solaro

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    Monte Solaro 40.545048, 14.224119 Monte Solaro, Capri


    The area of Cetrella, near the summit of Monte Solaro, is 480 meters above sea level. In the fifteenth century was built the hermitage of Santa Maria in Cetrella, on the top of a cliff overlooking the Marina Piccola.
    Founded by the Carthusians, this secluded spot surrounded by vineyards is full of poetry. Its name comes from the aromatic herb “erba cetra” (lemon balm). Mount Solaro has a large botanical variety.
    In this place of spiritual retreat, have resided hermits, belonging to the orders of the Franciscans and the Dominicans. The sailors of Anacapri sometimes came to venerate an image of St. Mary before leaving on a dangerous expedition.

    Santa Maria a Cetrella

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    Santa Maria a Cetrella 40.547225, 14.229741 Santa Maria a Cetrella, Capri

    Castello Barbarossa

    On one of the peaks of the Monte Solaro mountain, 412 meters high, at the north-east, near the Villa San Michele and the Grotta dell’Arco, stand the ruins of Barbarossa Castle. It owes its name from the nickname of the pirate and Ottoman Admiral Khair-ad-din who conquered the fortress in 1535 and destroyed it in 1544.
    The castle is thought to have been built between the end of the 9th century and the 12th century AD.
    The site is generally closed to the public, guided tours are organized periodically. (Refer to the Tourist Office of Capri, Piazzetta or +39 081 8370686).
    The place is nowadays a birding station.

    Castello Barbarossa

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    Castello Barbarossa 40.555588, 14.226989 Castello di Barbarossa

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