Belvedere della Migliera

Belvedere della Migliera

The path of Migliera is a very beautiful walk, easy, quite short and uncrowded, which leaves from Anacapri, crosses local cultures, vineyards, trees, beautiful gardens, to end at Belvedere del Tuono, one of the most beautiful views of the island of Capri.

It is from the foot of Monte Solaro, on the right of Piazza Vittoria, that one take this flat road, passing Via Caposcuro, and then Via Migliera. After the cemetery is the church of S. Maria di Costantinopoli, the oldest parish of Anacapri, rebuilt in the seventeenth century.
This road probably existed in Roman times. Nearby, there are remains of imperial construction, pieces of mosaics and colored plasters.
The path continues through vineyards, vegetable gardens, lemon pergolas, century-old oaks and elegant houses with beautiful gardens.
Shortly before the end of the road, we pass in front of a Philosophical Park. Ceramics, by artists from Capri, carry maxims and philosophical phrases to invite at reflection moments.
Not far, we join the belvedere where the show is striking. It is a rocky gorge that plunges into the sea, from which emerges Punta Carena with its lighthouse. The only occupants are myriads of seagulls, but also peregrine falcons, which nest in these wild rocks.
Going up the path to the left of the belvedere, after a madonna, one reaches another point of view on Punta Ventroso and the Faraglioni in the background. Continuing to climb the path, one can reach the summit of Monte Solaro. But beware, this trail is quite difficult.



Belvedere di Migliera, Capri

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Belvedere di Migliera, Capri 40.539080, 14.209614 Belvédère de Mireglia