The Marina Piccola (in english small harbor) and its pretty bay, with its beautiful popular beaches, are on the south coast of the island of Capri, not far from Faraglioni. The three impressive rocks that emerge from the sea

It can be reached by bus from Piazzetta of Capri. By foot one can take the Via Mulo, which starts with stairs, from Via Roma. Let’s also mention the famous Via Krupp that connects the gardens of Augustus to Marina Piccola.
At Marina Piccola, near the bus stop, a staircase descends to the beach where the rock Scoglio delle Sirene (Rock of the Sirens) cuts the bay in two. On each side of the rock are two small public beaches. There are also several bathing establishments.
The rock would be the place where in the Odyssey the sirens tried to charm Ulysses by singing.

It is possible to take a boat trip around the Faraglioni, or even to join the small beaches directly in front (private).
In summer there are many people in Marina Piccola. It is advisable to arrive early in the morning. The site is sunny only until the end of the afternoon.