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    Festivals and folklore in Conca

    Main events, religious, folkloric or gastronomic village festivals in Conca dei Marini : Sea Festival , carnival , sfogliatelle .

    Celebrations in Maiori

    • Eggplant Festival (Sagra della melanzana)
      First week of August
    • Santa Maria Assunta, Holy Mary of the Assumption (Holy Patrone of Maiori)
      August 15th

    Celebrations in Minori

    • Stemma di MinoriFeast of taste
      September 11-14
      Oeno-gastronomic festivals and folkloric events.
    • Jazz on the coast
      End of July

    Celebrations and folklore in Sorrento

    • Holy Week, Holy Friday processions
      Friday before Easter Sunday
      Several important religious processions have been going on for centuries in Sorrento.
    • Lemon Festival in Massa Lubrense
      Usually around July 20-21, before the last weekend of July

    Feasts in Atrani

    • Festa della Maddalena (Madonna’s Day)
      22th of July
      Feast of the Saint Patron of the village with procession and fireworks.
    • Capodanno Bizantino (Byzantine New Year)
      August 31
      Celebration of ancient Byzantine origin costumed, from the end of summer.
    • Sagra del

    Feasts in Praiano

    • Stemma PraianoIlluminations of St. Dominic
      August 1st to 4th
      From 9 pm, procession with torchlight procession
    • Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist (San Luca Evangelista)
      October 18th and 1st Sunday of July
      Feast of the saint with gastronomic events and fireworks.

    Feasts in Agerola

    • Holy Friday
      The Friday before Easter
      In Agerola a procession and staging of the Passion of Christ takes place
    • Feast of the Fior di Latte (Milk Flowers)
      First Sunday of August
      You can taste the delicious milk typical of Agerola,

    Feasts in Ravello


    • Ravello StemmaFeast of the patron saint of Ravello: San Pantaleone
      July 27
    • Feast of the Madonna of Torello
      Second Sunday of September
      At the end of the liturgical feast we can attend a pyrotechnic show.
    • Ravello Festival
      From the end

    Feasts in Positano

    • Positano StemmaFesta del Santo Patrono (Saint Patron’s Day of the City) San Vito (Saint Guy)
      June 15th
    • Landing of Saracens
      The night of August 15
      Folklore demonstrations on the beach.
    • Estate Musica
      Between June and September
      International Chamber Music Festival.

    Feasts and folklore in Amalfi

    • Amalfi StemmaFesta del Santo Patrono (Feast of the Saint Patron of the City) Sant’Andrea (St. Andrew)
      November 30th and June 25th-27th
      Religious processions and fireworks
    • Capodanno Bizantino (Byzantine New Year)
      August 31
    • Historical Regatta
      First Sunday of June
      Rowing regatta between