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Hotels on the Amalfi coast

Hotels on the Amalfi Coast , look for a structure that suits you from hundreds of hotels, guest houses, b & b, agritourism, from Amalfi to Sorrento, through Positano and Ravello.

History of Ravello

Ravello could probably have been founded by Roman colonists in the 6th century, who would have retreated to these heights to escape the barbarians. The first traces written on Ravello date back to the 9th century when all the cities on the coast integrated the Amalfi state.

Feasts in Ravello


  • Ravello StemmaFeast of the patron saint of Ravello: San Pantaleone
    July 27
  • Feast of the Madonna of Torello
    Second Sunday of September
    At the end of the liturgical feast we can attend a pyrotechnic show.
  • Ravello Festival
    From the end

Village of Ravello


Vue sur la cote depuis le village de Ravello

Ravello was an important city of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, a market power in the Mediterranean between 839 and 1200.

It was also a diocese from 1086 to 1603, …