Cetara is a municipality of about 2,400 inhabitants which has always been a fishing village.
This picturesque town on the Amalfi Coast lies at the foot of Mount Falerio, at the mouth of a valley planted with vineyards and citrus orchards.

The story disturbed the tranquility of the people many times. In 1551, it was assaulted by Turkish armies who massacred all those who did not want to embark on their service. As a result of this episode, Cetara built a powerful watchtower.
From the end of the 17th century, the Franciscans had an important role in Cetara, with a strong cultural and moral influence, as evidenced by an imposing monumental complex and convent.

The typical gastronomy of Cetara is essentially based on fish (especially tuna and anchovies). The typical dish is spaghetti with anchovies, the latter having marinated in pots, much like the ancient garum of the Romans. Another dish is the cuoppo, salted anchovies and fried squid.

In summer, the St. Peter’s Day of June 29 is accompanied by beautiful fireworks on the sea.
It also celebrates tuna with tastings of local dishes including seafood.


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Cetara 40.649791, 14.699986 Cetara


Monuments and sights

  • Cetara Tower (16th century)

    Church and convent of St. Francis (XVIIth) whose cupola was painted by Marco Benincasa.


    Church of the Apostle St. Peter, rebuilt in the eighteenth, baroque interior, cupola majolica, bell tower of the thirteenth.


    Church of St. Mary of Constantinople (XIX)