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The history of Naples, since the founding of a commercial settlement by the Greeks from antiquity to the twentieth century.

Portraits of Naples rulers

Portraits of Sovereigns of Naples: Angevins, Spanish Bourbons, Bonaparte, Murat, etc.

Immortalization of historical events in Naples

Immortalization of historical events in Naples, lithography, drawings and paintings: Fergole, Wenzel.

Historical Maps of Naples

Naples antique

Ancient Naples : Partenopea, Neapolis, during the greek antiquity

Italie du sud pendant l'antiquité

South Italy during antiquity : greek colonies and region of Naples

L'Italie au XIe siècle

Italy during the XIth century

Napoli medioevo mappa

Map of Naples during the middle-age

Napoli medioevo

Naples in the middle-age

Carte du Royaume des Deux-Siciles

Kingdom of the Two-Sicily, towards

Contemporary period

unification italienne

In 1839, Naples was the first city in Italy to have a railway, with the line Napoli-Portici. Despite a small cultural renaissance and the proclamation of a constitution on June 25, 1860, the last years of the kingdom sees deepen …

Republic of Naples

When in January 1799 the French revolutionary troops entered the city they were helped by a minor part of the bourgeoisie, but had to face strong resistance from the lazzari who were strongly religious and did not accede  new ideas.…

The Bourbons of Naples


During the War of Spanish Succession, Austria conquered Naples and remained there until 1734 when under Charles III of Bourbon – after the Polish War of Succession – the kingdom became independent again.

Under Charles III, Naples is one of …

The Spanish Habsburgs of Naples

carte historique de naples

Under the viceroys, Naples rose from 100,000 to 300,000 inhabitants, becoming the second most populous city in Europe after Paris.

The most important of these rulers was Pedro Alvarez of Toledo: he undertook important works, favored the search, but

Aragonese and Spaniards from Naples

alfonso da fiesoleAlfonso conquered Naples in 1442 after his victory against the last king of Anjou, René.
He entered the city triumphantly in February 1443.

Royaume des deux siciles

The new dynasty developed commerce, linking Naples to the Iberian Peninsula and making Naples a center …

The Angevins of Naples

universite frederic 2

Frederic II Hohenstaufen founded the university in 1224, considering Naples as intellectual capital while Palermo held a political role. This university remained unique in southern Italy for seven centuries.

After the defeat of Frederic’s son, Manfred, in Naples …

The Duchy of Naples and the Normans

During the invasion of Naples by the Lombards the population was about 30,000-35,000 inhabitants.
In 615, under Giovanni Consino, Naples rebelled for the first time against the power of Ravenna, the emperor in Italy. In response, a first …

Naples and ancient Rome

In 476, Romulus Augustus, the last of the Roman emperors, was deposed and imprisoned near the Castel dell ‘Ovo (castle of the egg) which at that time was a fortified Roman villa.

Many Roman emperors – Claudius, Tiberius, …

Naples Foundation: the Greeks

italie antique

The first settlers were Greek sailors from the island of Rhodes.
They settled on the islet of Megaride (that of the current castle of the egg – Castel dell’Ovo) then in the nearby hill of Pizzofalcone. The merchant colony …