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Brief history of the new Capua

In 841, in the struggle for the succession of the Duchy of Benevento, Prince Radelchis I hired Saracen mercenaries commanded by Berber Halfun, against Landolphe, Count of Caserta. The Saracens pillaged and destroyed the ancient Capua (now Santa Maria …

Visit of Capua

Visit of Capua founded after the 9th century (lire histoire de la Nouvelle Capoue)

Capua Amphitheater and Ancient City

Capua has a very old history, having been an osque then Etruscan city before being Roman. It was one of the main Roman cities of southern Italy, located along the Via Appia (Appian Way).

Capua Amphitheater

The amphitheater Campano or …


Capua, located at the north-west of Naples, is a very ancient city, dating back at least to the 9th century BC. Under ancient Rome, it was considered one of the largest cities in southern Italy. It preserves a Roman …