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    Naples - Napoli

    View over Naples and the Chartreuse Saint-Martin from the terrace of the Sant’Elmo castle

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    Older than Rome, founded by the Greeks, Naples has had a turbulent history, under foreign domination for centuries.

    The city and its region are rich of many contrasts. It is difficult to be indifferent to the chaotic appearance of Naples, which can revolt some, charm others.

    Bay of Naples and Vesuvius

    View over the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius

    Spanish quarters in Naples

    In the Spanish quarters, a Neapolitan dryer

    Royal Palace of Naples

    On the terrace of the Royal Palace, cats …

    Hotels in Naples and surroundings

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    Sights in Naples and its surroundings

    In Naplesnaples

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    Outside Naples

    Phlegraean Fields, North West