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Naples and ancient Rome

In 476, Romulus Augustus, the last of the Roman emperors, was deposed and imprisoned near the Castel dell ‘Ovo (castle of the egg) which at that time was a fortified Roman villa.

Many Roman emperors – Claudius, Tiberius, …

Naples Foundation: the Greeks

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The first settlers were Greek sailors from the island of Rhodes.
They settled on the islet of Megaride (that of the current castle of the egg – Castel dell’Ovo) then in the nearby hill of Pizzofalcone. The merchant colony …

Greek-Roman archeology in Naples

According to some ancient sources, during the 9th century BC, the navigators of Rhodes founded a commercial colony on the islet of Megaride (now Castel dell ‘Ovo) and on the hill of Pizzofalcone located behind, this one was named Partenope