The foundation of the city goes back to the Romans. In the ninth century, it became one of the Maritime Republics, competing with Pisa, Venice and Genoa for the control of the Mediterranean. Its sailors, the first in the West to use the compass, made the fortune of the city. They developed the Amalfi Maritime Code, one of the first of its kind. Its merchants already used a gold coin in the ninth century, so most of Italy was still in a barter economy.
Established in Jerusalem, they are at the origin of the founding of the Order of Malta.
The Norman conquest, then the looting of Pisa and a tidal wave put an end to its prosperity.

  1. Amalfi Foundation, legendary and historical origins
  2. The birth of the Republic of Amalfi
  3. The Golden Age of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi
  4. From the decline of Amalfi to the present day