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Elea – Velia

Elée, Velia antique

Elea (called Velia by the Romans) was founded by Phoenicians between 540 and 535 BC.

The city of Focea in western Turkey was at that time subject to considerable Persian pressure. The inhabitants took the sea, abandoning a deserted city …

Padula Charterhouse

chartreuse san lorenzo de padula

Padula Charterhouse (Certosa di San Lorenzo di Padula) is the largest monastery in Italy, located in the town of Padula in the Val di Diano.

The monastery was founded by Thomas Sanseverino, count of Marsico in 1306, …

Natural Park of Cilento

Parc du CilentoThe Cilento and Val of Diane National Park was created in 1991. It is located in Salerno, extending from the coast to the land, including a protected area of 181 000 hectares which makes it the largest national park in …

Archaeological site of Paestum

The oldest remains of the city are tombs, northwest and northeast of the city, and the sanctuary of Hera, a few kilometers north, at the mouth of the Sele river.

The central districts were from the beginning dedicated to …


The territory of Agropoli was already occupied in the Neolithic, a Roman town developed there and then a medieval city.

The city is dominated by its historic center which has retained many of its narrow streets. The enclosure is well …