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    Benevento, santa sofia

    Santa Sofia and square

    Benevento, with nearly 62,000 inhabitants, is the capital of the province of the same name. It is located inland, south of the Apennines, in the area designated as Sannio.
    The city was renamed by the Romans in the 3rd century BC, Maleventum in Beneventum, when they succeeded in colonizing it, after many failures against the Sannites who populated it.

    After the fall of Rome, it became capital of an important duchy of Lombardy, then became papal possession, relatively tributary of the Kingdom of Naples.
    Its historical heritage is important, like the Trajan’s Arc, located on the ancient Via Traiana or the Saint Sophia Church, built in 760 by Duke Arigis II. It was inscribed by Unesco in 2011 on the list of Lombard sites in Italy, of which there are seven.

    History of Benevento

    Benevento goes back to antiquity. According to a legend, it was founded by the Greek hero Diomedes, who landed in Italy after the destruction of Troy. He would have given to the city a defense of the mythical Calydon boar killed by his uncle Meleager.

    Other monuments and sites of Benevento

    Monuments and sites of Benevento: Roman Theater, Leproso Bridge, Arco del Sacramento, Horto Clonclusus.

    Cathedral of Benevento

    Duomo di Benevento

    Façade romane et clocher

    The Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria de Episcopio was the first Christian church of Benevento. It was unfortunately almost completely destroyed by the Allied bombing of the Second World War, which was later rebuilt.

    An important …

    Museum of Sannio

    History of the museum

    A first museum of the Sannio, which was archaeological, was founded in 1806 by Talleyrand, then prince of Benevento, in the old house of the Jesuits.
    On September 4, 1873, a new museum was …

    Monumental Complex of Santa Sofia

    Piazza santa sofia, Benevento

    Le campanile sur la Place Santa Sofia

    This ensemble is notably constituted by the Saint-Sophia church, the campanile and the monastery (including the cloister).

    The Saint Sophia Monastery

    The current monastery, attached to the church, was built between 1142 …

    Castle of Benevento

    benevento, rocca dei rettori

    The fortress of rectors (Rocca dei Rettori), also called Castle Manfred (despite the absence of historical link), or castle of Benevento occupies the highest angle of the old city. It consists of two parts: the keep, built by the Lombards

    Santa Sofia in Benevento

    Santa Sofia of Benevento, in the homonymous monumental complex, is inscribed on a list created in 2011 by UNESCO of seven sites of “Lombards in Italy: places of power”.
    However, the building was renovated and changed appearance several times over …

    Trajan’s Arch

    Benevento, arco di Traiano

    The triumphal arch was erected in honor of Emperor Trajan between 114 and 117. It was the gateway to Via Appia Traiana, a road built by the emperor to connect Rome with Brindisi, leaving from Benevento, in order …

    Interactive map of Benevento


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    Arc de Trajan: 41.132576, 14.779116
    Sainte Sophie, Bénévent: 41.130396, 14.781069
    Chateau de Benevent: 41.128982, 14.782111
    Theatre romain de Bénévent: