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    Hotels on the Amalfi coast

    Hotels on the Amalfi Coast , look for a structure that suits you from hundreds of hotels, guest houses, b & b, agritourism, from Amalfi to Sorrento, through Positano and Ravello.

    History of Minori

    Minori , named Regiana , to which was added the epithet of Minor to distinguish it from the newer neighbor city called Reginna Maior ( Maiori ).
    It was influential for her Arsenal, her construction site and her prisons, and was even raised to the status of the diocese in 987 by the strong> Pope John XV .

    Celebrations in Minori

    • Stemma di MinoriFeast of taste
      September 11-14
      Oeno-gastronomic festivals and folkloric events.
    • Jazz on the coast
      End of July




    Minori is a charming coastal village less than six kilometers far from Amalfi. Its name derives from its ancient Latin name Rheginna Minor, from the river Rheginna, which still runs to the bottom of the valley of the …