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In the 6th century the city was subtracted from the Goths by the Byzantine Empire during Justinian’s attempt to reform the Roman Empire.
It later becomes an autonomous duchy, under the jurisdiction of Byzantium.

Thanks to the foresight of its leaders and bishops, Naples resisted the conquests of the Lombards, Franks and Saracens. It was one of the last territories to fall into the hands of the Normans in 1137. They founded the Kingdom of Sicily whose capital was Palermo.

The city then passed to the power of the suèves with Frederic II who founded the University there in 1224, the second of the italic peninsula.

Aragonese and Spaniards from Naples

alfonso da fiesoleAlfonso conquered Naples in 1442 after his victory against the last king of Anjou, René.
He entered the city triumphantly in February 1443.

Royaume des deux siciles

The new dynasty developed commerce, linking Naples to the Iberian Peninsula and making Naples a center …

The Angevins of Naples

universite frederic 2

Frederic II Hohenstaufen founded the university in 1224, considering Naples as intellectual capital while Palermo held a political role. This university remained unique in southern Italy for seven centuries.

After the defeat of Frederic’s son, Manfred, in Naples …

The Duchy of Naples and the Normans

During the invasion of Naples by the Lombards the population was about 30,000-35,000 inhabitants.
In 615, under Giovanni Consino, Naples rebelled for the first time against the power of Ravenna, the emperor in Italy. In response, a first …