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capriThe occupation of the island of Capri dates back to antiquity, with the Greeks and Romans. The emperors Augustus and Tiberius made it their favorite holiday resort, building villas there.

This island-garden is a rock with lush vegetation, whose cut coast is bathed by a particularly bright Mediterranean. The two small towns, Capri and Anacapri, are formed by mazes of narrow streets with white facades. The first is the most touristy, we dock below, in Marina Grande. The second is less expensive and has kept traces of authenticity.
Small buses tailored to the narrow road that crosses the island connect these different localities.

We can discover these two villages, including their churches, like that of the Archangel Saint Michel in Anacapri and its amazing pavement Neapolitan; or Piazza Piazzetta in Capri. The island has many curiosities: the ancient Villa Jovis, the small harbor of the Marina Piccola, the Villa San Michele, the gardens of Augustus, the Charterhouse San Giacomo, or the Villa Malaparte which is located at the end of the Massullo point.
The natural attractions are numerous, with the rocky coast (for example the Faraglioni site), the Monte Solaro, the Grotta Azzura (visit by boat), the Arco Naturale. Many trails allow to discover these natural resources and some villas. Several marine caves surround the island, accessed by boat.

Capri boat tour

A good way to discover Capri, is to do a boat tour, and admire its rocky coast and many natural sites such as sea caves and coves. Usually lasting 1 hour or 2 hours (around € 20 per

Guided tours in Capri

Choice of guided tours and trips to Capri and the region, departing from several cities, including Rome or Naples

Trails and excursions in Capri

Carte de Capri

Carte de Capri

Capri does not miss beautiful walks, between the alleys of the villages, the coast with its coves and its panoramas, the Monte Solaro which dominates the island, the forts and the villas, whose archaeological vestiges, where myths …

Town of Capri

Capri centre The city of Capri comprises 7000 inhabitants, half of that of the island. Of course not counting the affluence in tourist season (in August, 20 000 people disembark every day on the island).

Interactive map of Capri

Map of the island of Capri, main natural and tourist sites.

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Churches, religious buildings :


Il y a environ 7000 habitants à Anacapri. Elle est moins affectée par le tourisme "de luxe" que sa voisine Capri, bien qu'elle ait pris le même chemin