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Sights in Naples and its surroundings

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Outside Naples

Phlegraean Fields, North West

Elea – Velia

Elée, Velia antique

Elea (called Velia by the Romans) was founded by Phoenicians between 540 and 535 BC.

The city of Focea in western Turkey was at that time subject to considerable Persian pressure. The inhabitants took the sea, abandoning a deserted city …

Natural Park of Cilento

Parc du CilentoThe Cilento and Val of Diane National Park was created in 1991. It is located in Salerno, extending from the coast to the land, including a protected area of 181 000 hectares which makes it the largest national park in …


Close to Pozzuoli, in the volcanic zone of the Phlegrean Fields, Cumae was in antiquity a Greek city. It remains substantial remains with the famous lair of Sybille.

Cumae was one of the oldest and most distant …


Herculanum, maison de Neptune et Amphitrite

Maison de Neptune et Amphitrite

The city of Herculaneum (Ercolano in Italian), was already seriously damaged during the earthquake of the year 62 AD, and was completely destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, as Pompeii, Stabies

Royal Palace of Caserta

jardins du palais de caserte

The Royal Palace of Caserta (in Italian “Reggia di Caserta”) was a residence of the royal family of the Bourbons of Naples. Sometimes called the Versailles of Italy, the monument has not only a sumptuous palace 61 000 m² …

Archaeological site of Paestum

The oldest remains of the city are tombs, northwest and northeast of the city, and the sanctuary of Hera, a few kilometers north, at the mouth of the Sele river.

The central districts were from the beginning dedicated to …


The territory of Agropoli was already occupied in the Neolithic, a Roman town developed there and then a medieval city.

The city is dominated by its historic center which has retained many of its narrow streets. The enclosure is well …

Province of Avellino, Irpino Mountains

In the province of Avellino, the region of the Irpino Mountains is formed of small and very pleasant mountains. There are charming medieval villages such as Rocca San Felice and Sant Angelo dei Lombardi.


Sannio region

The region of Sannio, made of medium mountains, is located largely in the province of Benevento, with the Taburno Mountains and Camposauro, the Matese and its lake.

Procida island

Marina di Corricella - procida

Marina di Corricella

Small island of the Gulf of Naples with 4 km², Procida is also the most beautiful. It has remained authentic despite its proximity to the coast.
Clinging to the rock, its colorful houses of sinners are emblematic …


Capua, located at the north-west of Naples, is a very ancient city, dating back at least to the 9th century BC. Under ancient Rome, it was considered one of the largest cities in southern Italy. It preserves a Roman …

Ischia island

ile ischia

The largest island of the Gulf of Naples, the island of Ischia is located between the islands of Procida and Vivara, it measures 46 km². It has been celebrated since antiquity for its nature, its blue sea and its landscapes. …

Map of Campania

Interactive map of Campania, the region of Naples.


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