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Hotels on the Amalfi coast

Hotels on the Amalfi Coast , look for a structure that suits you from hundreds of hotels, guest houses, b & b, agritourism, from Amalfi to Sorrento, through Positano and Ravello.

Feasts in Atrani

  • Festa della Maddalena (Madonna’s Day)
    22th of July
    Feast of the Saint Patron of the village with procession and fireworks.
  • Capodanno Bizantino (Byzantine New Year)
    August 31
    Celebration of ancient Byzantine origin costumed, from the end of summer.
  • Sagra del




Some 700 meters from the well-known Amalfi, Atrani is the only village on the Amalfi Coast to remain a fishing village.

Wedged between a high rock face and the sea, at the mouth of the Valley of Dragons, it …